Eurasian Coot    Fulica atra L.

The Eurasian Coot (an alternative name: the Common Coot) is a member of the family Rallidae, and recognised by its snowy white bill and forehead shield. The remainder of the bird is dark sooty grey, except for its bright red eye. The Coot is 32 – 42 cm (13 – 17 in) long and weighs 600 – 1100 g (1,29 – 2,4 lb). This is a noisy bird with a wide repertoire of crackling, explosive, or trumpeting calls, often given at night. Fulica atra is distributed from the Great Britain east throughout southern parts of Scandinavia, then the rest of Europe, Africa to the central part of Asia.

This photo was taken by me in London.

F. atra
Eurasian Coot

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