What Juice Is Good For Constipation?


Constipation is an uncomfortable condition and is a sign of problems in the digestion system. Most of the people face this problem in their day to day life and some people face this problem a lot. There are so many causes, symptoms and complications are associated with constipation. But, drinking some juice helps to clear issues with constipation. What juice is good for constipation? Keep continue your reading to know.

What juice is good for constipation?

A study of America Academy found that some kind of juices helps to heal constipation in their studies and research, but not all fruit juices aid to prevent constipation. If so, then what juice is good for constipation? This is your question right!!

Before knowing the fruits to heal constipation, do you don’t want to know how juice clears constipation problem and gives better digestion system? You know, certain kind of fruits contain a high amount of water and it also increases the water in the digestion system.

Scientifically, some fruits contain sorbitol that is a non-absorbable carbohydrate, which has the potential to alleviate the constipation problem. But, only some fruits have this carbohydrate naturally.

On the other hand, increased amount of the water flushes out toxins from the body and leaves clear digestion system regularly. Some of the fruits that have natural sorbitol are apple, prune, and pear.

Thus, you need to choose any one from these three fruits and prepare juice to drink on a daily basis. This fruit juice is good for constipation problem, but it works only for old age people and adults and not for infants.

1. Apple juice

Drinking apple juice works as like as laxatives and results in the same benefits. And, it has a high amount of fructose to glucose and as well as sorbitol. But, consuming a high amount of apple juice makes intestinal discomfort.

Even tasting applesauce helps you to clear constipation problem because it contains a high amount of pectin that helps to solve the problem with stool.

2. Prune juice

One of the best ways to get relieve from constipation problem is increasing the amount of fiber. At such a case, prune contains more fiber and as well as rich sorbitol too. You can also eat dried prune instead of preparing juice. This kind of juice smooth and ease the stool.

When compared with other fruits such as apple and pears, prune is the best fruit to have for the constipation problem, and it also contains a high amount of Vitamin C and iron.

3. Pear juice

Last but not least is pear juice, and it contains four times more than sorbitol to treat constipation than all other fruits. At the same time, you can also prefer this for a child too, and they like its flavor to drink. On the other hand, Pear is rich in vitamins that required for out body.

These are three fruit juice that good for constipation and it is recommended to take only a half cup of juice to heal constipation.

Besides these juices, you should know what foods can make you constipated to eat them restrictively.