What Are Stretching Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis?


Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common problems occur in the bottom of the heel. And, it causes pain and inflammation on the plantar, which is a thick tissue on the heel. If you’re one of such a person having pain on your heel, then exactly this is the right place for you to know some stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis. Yes, stretching exercises are the best solution for plantar fasciitis problem.

What are stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis?

At first, you know the reason for causes of plantar fasciitis?? When you give more weight and pressure on your heel, it will affect the plantar fasciitis and makes pain and irritations. At the same time, people who are performing cardio exercises such as running and jogging mainly suffered from this plantar fasciitis.

Apart from that, overweight people and pregnant women push extra weight to the heel, so it results in inflammations and pain on the heel. However, you don’t worry; there are some simple and as well as easy to do exercises to heal plantar fasciitis and removes pain.

Instead of using medicines and other remedies to treat plantar fasciitis, it is always better to make use some stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis, because those steps smoothly remove the pain and help you to get rid of plantar fasciitis in future.

Here, I’m going to share you few stretching exercises to treat plantar fasciitis and to get rid of it.

Seated stretching exercises

Below are three seated stretching exercises that help you to remove pain and irritations on your heels.

Method #1

First of all, sit on the chair and take a cold can or frozen water bottle. And then, place your leg on the cold can and roll your foot front and back for minutes. After few minutes, do this same for another foot. Repeat this method more times a day until you get rid of plantar fasciitis.

Method #2

Another way to treat plantar fasciitis is, keep your one leg cross over another to stretch the big toe. Now, gently give pressure on the big toe and keep this for few seconds. And, do this same for another leg. Then, repeat this for more times a day to completely clear heel pain.

Method #3

Last but least seated stretches exercise for a plantar is something different and to do this, you need a towel and fold it in the lengthwise. And then, keep the folded towel under the arches of the foot and sit on the chair. Now, hold the ends of the towel in your hand and lift up and down direction to do stretch.

This method aids you to clear heal plain and as well as plantar fasciitis.

These are the three most commonly used stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis. When you feel pain on the heel, you need to stop running and must to take rest. After completion of proper treatment, start to run for a small distance at first and then increase your distance. This method avoids worsed condition and pain. You know? Yoga is good for Plantar fasciitis as well.