Vionic with Orthaheel Amber: Good Sandal For Plantar Fasciitis


The Amber sandal will be clinically shown to help relieve common causes of plantar fasciitis, heel pain and knee pain related to over-pronation and it will be flat feet. This style will be recommended for heel pain. The Amber sandal will feel very different from regular shoes. It will be recommended you wear a sandal for just a few hours at a time for few days to allow your body to adjust the level of support.

Vionic with Orthaheel Amber Review

This women’s sandal will be made with a man with a manmade upper with hook and loop adjustable straps. The footbed will be designed with a dotted pattern and makes use of the biomechanical control.

  • The points of adjustability on this backstrap sandal will deliver completely customizable comfort. Two square enamel trim beads will be adding interest to the top of the vamp in a sandal.
  • Natural cork upper with the microfiber will be covered footbed.
  • It is lightweight, and a flexible EVA midsole absorbs shock.
  • It will reduce stress on feet, ankles, and knees.
  • This is durable rubber outsole with a tread that will provide traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • Orthaheel technology will be biomechanically designed to hug your arches and it will support your feet in comfort.
  • Vionic sandal’s will built in orthotic will be shown to be effective in helping to treat heel pain.
  • Embellished vertical strap will be removed and it will convert to a three strap sandal.
  • It helps to relieve common causes of heel pain and knee pain.
  • An ideal complementary option for orthotic or arch support wearers on hard flat floors.

These shoes will be just slightly larger than the usual size and wear those two days will be enough that the heel pain of foot will stop hurting. If you want to see more suggestions, check out Best Sandals for Walking Long Distances.


User Reviews

J. Arrighi – Looks like an old lady shoe, but feels amazing! When I opened the box, I wanted to cry. Even at 55, I think I am too young for sandals that look this sensible. The cork-look straps with the gold streaks look exactly like the sort of practical sandal elderly dowagers would take on a cruise because it goes with everything (to the extent that it goes with anything – it’s neutral almost to the point of invisibility). It’s just fancy enough to wear with skirts or sundresses but looks equally appropriate for shorts or jeans. This is why I picked this pair – I hoped to be able to wear it all summer, with everything I own.
So, I’ve been wearing them a couple of days now, and the shoe performs as advertised – my feet feel great no matter how much standing or walking I do. I even feel like I’m standing straighter. The fabric on the insole is nice and comfy, and the straps ensure a perfect fit. There are no parts that flap, wobble, or rub; it feels like a shoe I’ve worn for months, right out of the box.
For the price, I expect to wear these every day until it gets cold again, and if I do, I will certainly have gotten my money’s worth out of them. I have a closet full of cute sandals that I don’t wear because they don’t feel good for any length of time. Having a great fit and feel trumps cuteness – maybe I am an old lady after all!

ButterflyBecky – I have had an ankle injury that makes it necessary to wear shoes with good arch support. Vionic sandals make it possible for me to have good support, feel stable walking, and still feel stylish.

MARIE R. – A comfortable shoe to wear with plantar fasciitis. They are very generous in the sizing. I have to adjust the velcro often to keep them snug. Have had many compliments when wearing them, especially on the snakeskin color. They go well when trying to dress up as well as just wearing shorts!

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